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Georgian builders group

Construction Company GBG “Georgian Builders Group” on the market of the Real Estate appeared by years of 2011. Our company in just 4 years now there, nevertheless, today it is a very successful construction business projects. Company built 2 (Two) Residential block in Vake, private at the street Barnovi and Kutateladze and currently is working at three projects, private at the street of Nikoladze, Razmadze and Shrosha. Company GBG has a specially place on the Construction –Developing Market and enjoys a well-deserved reputation, the success stipulated the correct and effective management, protection customer’s interests and professional approach to the case and quickly implement of projects. Constructed residential blocks by the company is a relevant the higher standards of quality. Construction Company “Georgia Builders Group” is planning to extension activity area on the developing market. The higher quality, favorable conditions and responsibilities lays a solid foundation to establish your new style.
Georgian Builders Group “GBG” lays a solid foundation to establish your new style.

Company GBG’s sales office is located at the address: C. Tbilisi,  Chavchavadze #34, “Pixel Business Center. Comfortable atmosphere, high quality service, Interior sophisticated design, a wide variety of choices and their professional approach, all work together harmoniously, which allows you to feel so at home.

Start planning for you tomorrow day with us and laid a solid foundation for your new life styles.